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Woman and Nature,

two multi dimensioned wakening forces at work in one composition.

Painting on cardboard


makes it alive. Symbolic of overconsumption, distance marketing, cardboard has here a second life rich in colors, movements and feelings. This inert disparaged material is transformed into a living work meant to convey emotions.


"Woman is today's iconic hero facing ecological, economic, ethical challenges;"

My intention there was to concientise my work. I imagined a serie of portraits "Women together with Nature" focusing my thoughts upon the role of women in global issues, their tensions and frictions, their staunch will to perform well and be acknowledged  in a complex, coded, often unequal and closed social universe.

Although these portraits were painted before these pandemix lockdown I see them now through a different light.

The idea was to put together these two wakening forces, women and Nature together in one multi-level composition, both as a vital spark, a primitive survival instinct of rebirth.

lLike many other people and being myself the mother of a girl, I am receptive to the struggles of nature and women angry together in ecology and feminism. I see in it a common fight for the same common cause.

The woman's portrait is painted (palet knife painted) on cardoard, recycled for a happier longer second life. This material was chosen for its robust qualities, its raw aspect and color, being recycled makes it a symbol of eco-responsable consumerism. The portrait is encased in a wooden box closed with a glass pane covered with painted motives recalling nature, some of them have inside lighting.

The composition itself is an evocation of confinement (the box is tightly closed) of social, political, religious, or pandemic pressures, of distancing injounctions towards nature like a restraining order meant to censure a muzzle women's creativity and multidisciplinary.

The need to succeed, to shine in society, to be attractive and managerial is a characterized through vivid colors, differently lit up features, changing face expressions, aesthetic, sophistication. The faces are made of countless unbalanced tiny squares denying smoothness and stability, building up an open work. Then Nature becomes a friendly but distant witness, a tough mineral accessory, hard breakable and transparent like glass, light and fleeting like leaves in the wind.

This is how I see this modern woman living in perfect harmony with Nature, ambitious and responsable for her own health and welfare, her future and all children's on earth. She can question the world about the right legitimate way to follow and make out the appropriate changes to come. She is iconic of today's major challenging issues such as ecology, economy and ethics.

I wrote "I promise" on some portraits as a message of commitment, engagement where everyone can share their own deep rooted convictions their personal values to create a better world.


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